An Experienced Asset Manager Committed to Creating and Maintaining Wealth
- Gary L. Stark
We understand that the selection of a money manager is one of the most important decisions you will make. Reaching your financial goals, such as educating your children, planning for retirement, traveling and preserving your assets for your heirs, all depend upon sound money management.

At Stark Financial Advisers, Inc., we recognize that each client is unique. Your investment horizon, goals and risk tolerance all contribute to the unique portfolio we can create for your.

Our portfolio managers follow fundamental steps in reaching the optimum portfolio for you. These steps include:
A Letter from the President
Establishing needs and goals
Measuring risk tolerance
Creating an efficient portfolio
Implementing security selections
Ongoing monitoring and reporting
Our goal is to provide the highest quality investment advice, portfolio performance and personal attention available anywhere.

Whether your primary goal is the creation of wealth, or its maintenance, we believe you will benefit immeasurably from the services offered by Stark Financial Advisers, Inc.
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Gary L. Stark
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